The Hunter rig

The process of making the Hunter rig started with the idea to create a basic humanoid rig that has IK/FK in arms, legs and spine that could be used by Animators. The rig have grown organically with lots of feedback witch resulted in a easy to use rig that is color coded.

The approach changed with the spine when the model’s back was slightly tilted, which would make an IK-spline not that easy to use to get the back to bend in a good way. I decided instead that a ribbon spine would be much easier to make it follow the slightly tilted back. 

The face has controls for eyebrows, chin, nose, jaw and the ability to move the whole mouth. The mouth has tweak joints that scales down when moved to mimic the shape of the skull.

The visibility have been iterated on and was first several layers for the different controls but is now in the main controls as attributes. The IK/FK switches was first separated controls but is now in one control, there is also a root and character control to be able to make root-motion animation easier.