My Role In NovaTurient

This was the third game project at TGA where we had the opportunity to make a 2D game. The approach we took was to make a 3D character and render it with a toon shader into sprites.

My role was to rig and skin the main character and also make a few animations and cutscenes. The rig was worked out in stages from adding bones to existing sketches (see turnaround). From the sketches I got a block out that had the proportions right which I rigged while the character was finalized. We were going to have a few cutscenes with her helmet off and that was as well integrated in the rig with a switch for the helmet to follow the head or not.

Since her backpack was always on her back I wanted it to be easy to animate and that led me to add a layer to the structure which made the backpack follow the spine but also be allowed to tweak it with separate backpack ctrls. This connection was made through connecting the bones rotation with each others in the node editor after trying constraints resulting in this decision.