The dog leg script

In this Dog project I set out to make a dog leg script where you select the top of the guide skeleton leg and then the script makes an FK and IK chain and parent those to the ctrls named the same. The goal of making this rig was to learn the basics of python and to get a better understanding of what’s needed for a quadruped rig

I started out to make a list of the hierarchy from the selected top bone. Once I had this list I could check if it had a certain name matching my list then making the groups and constraints from those. The only catch is that a dog’s legs behave a little differently when it’s the back or front leg. This was solved with an if statement in the beginning to check if it’s back or front leg.

The reflection I had after the project was that there were too many things that needed setup before the code ran and that made it inefficient. I’m gonna update the code in the future so that you can make a selection and from the guide skeleton you get the name you want on the legs. I’m also adding a UI that makes it easier to store and see what you have selected.